dinsdag, mei 28, 2024


About Miss Marjan:

A lot has changed since I started my blog in 2016. I started with book reviews and articles about reading. In the meantime my blog has become very broad and I write about everything and anything about education.

My name is Marjan, I am 51 years old. Married to Erik and together we have a 23 year old son.

I have been teaching for twenty-five years and I do this with great pleasure. At the moment I teach group 5/6 (children in the age of  9 and 10 years old), but have also done groups 7 and 8 (children in the age of 11 and 12 years old)  for years.

During these years I started to focus more and more on reading and reading education. I followed a reading coordinator course and made it a spearhead for myself to make and keep children enthusiastic about reading. The love for the (children’s) book is very important to me. A lot of reading and reading is part of that.

Why my blog ?

I write articles about everything that has to do with education. I also regularly write guest blogs on other sites. Write reviews of the latest books, from picture books to Young Adult, and luckily I regularly get review copies from publishers.

I base my articles on studies and my own experiences. I also get a lot of information from Pinterest. Here you can certainly find a lot of information on all kind of blogs. I use that information in combination with my own teaching practice.

Do you have an idea for a topic on my blog, do you want to write a guest blog or do you have another idea, you can always contact me through  the contact form or email me directly at: info@vanjufmarjan.nl.
We can then see what the options are. I am always open to collaboration.

About Erik:

So I’m Erik. Husband of Miss Marjan and also 51 years old.
The last 22 years I have mainly been busy with two different companies and all sorts of things.
Meanwhile I maintain this website and some other sites, i take care of the review materials, photos, and background work.
In addition, for the most part, I am the creative executor of most of the material you can download from this site.
That’s why you can find a lot of nice things under Downloads that you can use for free in your class.
If you have an idea of ​​what you would like to have made, please feel free to contact us, and we can see what is possible together.