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All images on english.vanjufmarjan.nl may not be used without written permission from english.vanjufmarjan.nl.
Photos and illustrations are made by ourselves or we use royalty-free images.

teaching material.

Teaching materials may be copied, distributed and passed on.
We would really appreciate it if you mention english.vanjufmarjan.nl.
We would also greatly appreciate a link on your website to english.vanjufmarjan.nl.
The teaching material may not be used for commercial purposes.

Reviews and reviews.

english.vanjufmarjan.nl receives material or books sent for a review.
I also buy material that I write a review about and a review is always written in my own opinion and findings.
Because english.vanjufmarjan.nl likes to write positive messages, it is sometimes decided not to write or post a review.

Sponsored blogs.

Companies pay for sponsored blogs.
This is always stated on the relevant page, because it is mandatory.
A website like english.vanjufmarjan.nl costs money, and we try to earn this back through sponsored blogs.
We like to only post sponsored blogs that touch the target group of this site.


There are affiliate links on english.vanjufmarjan.nl. An example is Bol.com. If you go to that site through my site and buy products here, I get a commission.
There are also google adsense ads on this site to recoup, as already written, the costs of maintaining this website.