zondag, juli 21, 2024

Choice box assignments

Choice box

Choice box assignments for multiple groups.

This page contains the, as we call it, “Choice box assignments and downloads” that I make for the Choice box at our school. The optional assignments are all based on the multiple intelligences.
With the assignments there is sometimes a card that can be used with the assignment on it and you have to find the material yourself or there is material included in the download and an assignment card is missing that you may have to make yourself.

The assignments.

When making the optional assignments, I looked at the goals per theme. I try to connect to this as much as possible. Elective assignments are therefore not just to fill time for children who finish their work on time. The intention is that all children are required to work from the Choice box at least twice and that they also plan this for their weekly tasks.

Click on the picture of the intelligence to go to the assignments.


Word box


Number box


Nature box


Image box

Music box

Exercise box

Together box


Self box


Digi box

Everyone is free to use these assignment cards. I would love to hear how you like it. Maybe I can improve something or you have ideas. Then I’d like to hear this! Feel free to leave a comment or fill out the contact form.