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Math puzzles

Sandcastle sums

You can practice addition and subtraction with these sandcastle sums.

Students should start doing addition and subtraction automatically and this requires practice.
Research has shown that it works best if the sums are presented in many different ways.
That’s why these sand castles add up to 20.
A fun way to practice adding and subtracting. Great for the electives or to simply assign as extra work in addition to the regular course material.

Sandcastle sums

The aim of this game.

The sums consist of cards that in turn consist of two parts.
The upper part is the sum with a shovel and a bucket as an image, the lower part is the answer with a sand castle as an image.
Hence the title sandcastle sums.
The aim of the game is of course to connect the sums and the answers.
There are two PDF files. One with plus sums and one with minus sums. Each with sums up to 20.

How does it work?

Way 1.

The student makes two piles, one with the sums and one with the answers.
Then they take a sum and look in the answers pile for the correct card that corresponds to the sum.
They then place these correctly on the table and continue with the next sum.

Way 2.

Place all the cards together with the picture and sum facing the table on the table and play the game as memory.
This way, several students can play this game together.
Whoever has solved and collected the most sums wins.

Sandcastle sums

The file:

Sandcastle sums – add to 20
Sandcastle sums – add to 20
Sandcastle sums – substract 1 to 20
Sandcastle sums – substract 1 to 20

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