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What is the use of repeating arithmetic problems?

Repeating arithmetic problems has several useful purposes, especially in education and in the development of mathematical skills.
Repeating and practicing will make you better and build your self-confidence. By training a lot, whether it concerns long division or running kilometers, you reach a higher level.
And young children love repetition. As adults, we have so much knowledge that we can easily see the entire situation or story. A child must hear the same story several times or experience the same thing in order to understand the whole. Because the more often you do something, the better you will recognize it and be able to apply it yourself.

Why repeat?

Here are some reasons why repeating math problems can be important:

  1. Automation of basic knowledge. By repeatedly practicing simple arithmetic problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, people can automate these operations. This means they can perform these calculations quickly and accurately without a lot of thinking, which is essential in everyday life and more complex mathematical tasks.
  2. Consolidation of knowledge. Repetition helps consolidate mathematical concepts and skills. It ensures that students understand and remember the concepts learned, which allows them to apply this knowledge in new situations.
  3. Improvement of self-confidence. By repeatedly successfully solving arithmetic problems, students’ self-confidence can grow. They become less anxious or insecure about tackling mathematical problems and are more likely to view mathematics as a feasible subject.
  4. Development of problem-solving skills. Repetition not only teaches how to make specific calculations, but it also helps develop general problem-solving skills. It improves the ability to think logically, recognize patterns and solve complex problems in smaller, manageable steps.
  5. Preparation for more advanced concepts. Fundamental math skills provide the foundation for more advanced math concepts. With repeated practice, students can build a strong foundation that allows them to understand and master more complex mathematical topics.
  6. Application in everyday life. Basic knowledge of math is essential for everyday activities such as grocery shopping, budgeting, cooking, measuring and much more. Repeated exercises help people maintain these skills and handle everyday tasks more efficiently.

In short, repeating math problems is important because it helps build math skills, develop self-confidence and prepares you for more complex math concepts, while at the same time being practically applicable in everyday life.

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