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Math puzzles

Hexagon puzzles

In this blog another variant to practice automation of math.

The hexagon puzzles consists of 24 hexagonal puzzle pieces. There is a sum on each side. Several versions are now ready. For example, there is a multiplication version, a version with addition up to and including 10 and a version with addition up to and including 20.

The possibilities with the hexagon puzzles:

Hexagon puzzlesYou can use the hexagon puzzle in different ways in the classroom. Both individually and in groups. You can also easily adjust the difficulty level. From fairly easy to quite a challenge for the children who can handle a little more.

Getting started with the hexagon puzzles independently:

Children can work independently with these hexagon puzzles. You can make it as challenging as possible by adjusting the assignments. For children who are still quite difficult with the sums, you can instruct them to make a snake from the puzzle pieces by adding at least two other pieces to each puzzle. Difficult is when three of each piece have to be matched, and the most difficult is to complete the puzzle. From top to bottom 6 rows of 4 puzzle pieces (See the answer sheet included with the downloads).

Using the hexagon puzzle as a game:

Hexagon puzzlesAs a game, the puzzle can also be used very well. You can play it like a kind of domino game. You divide four puzzle pieces among the players (maximum 4 or 5 players for the best result). The rest of the cards are the pot. You start with one piece in the middle and the players alternately place a piece. If you can’t dock, take a puzzle piece from the pot. The aim of the game is to get rid of your pieces as quickly as possible.

To make it more difficult, you can also let the game play for points. You start as above, but now count 1 point for each connecting side. If a child can place a piece that is adjacent to several pieces, he gets as many points as adjacent sides. Then when a certain time is played, you start again each time until the time is up, and then the points are counted. Whoever has the most points wins.

The different hexagon puzzles can be downloaded below, including answer sheets. If you want several of the same puzzles in the classroom, I recommend using multiple colors as well. That way the puzzles don’t get mixed up. I also advise you to laminate the puzzle pieces, then they last much longer.

The files:

Hexagon puzzle – Multiply 1-10
Hexagon puzzle – Multiply 1-10
Hexagon puzzle – Additions 1-10
Hexagon puzzle – Additions 1-10
Hegagon puzzle – Additions 1-20
Hegagon puzzle – Additions 1-20

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