dinsdag, juni 18, 2024
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I see, i see. Can you find them?

I see I see, a quick picture puzzle for in the classroom.

I came across this I see I see puzzle that I loved as a material for in my classroom.
Because there are not very many teaching materials that work with images, shapes, numbers and position.
The puzzle I found was only suitable for one age group and of course I think there should be material for the other groups as well.
Fortunately, we are handy with these kinds of things and we have spent a day brooding about what it should look like.
And here he is. My seek and find game.

How does it work.

I seeThere are symbols on each A4. These can be circles, squares, triangles and so on.
For the youngest it starts with that. The simple shapes of the circles, squares and triangles.
And the first version assumes that it is not yet possible to count.
That is why the shapes must be colored in with a color that is indicated on the paper.

The subsequent versions assume that counting is possible.
Each A4 has at the bottom the symbols and shapes to be counted.
The difficulty level is the number of shapes to be found and the number of shapes that are shown but are not in the list of shapes to be counted.
Instincts like triangles that are shown wrong or that just don’t matter.

I see

Answer Sheets.

There is also an answer version of each sheet in the PDF file. In this way, the students themselves can check whether they have entered the correct answers when they are finished with the puzzle. There are six puzzles increasing in difficulty.
These answer versions can of course be laminated so that they can be used longer.

I would say, have fun with the puzzles with the students.

The file:

I see I see – can you find it?
I see I see – can you find it?

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