dinsdag, juni 18, 2024
Math puzzles

Combination puzzle tables 1 to 10

A new exercise to practice the multiplication tables is the combination puzzle for tables 1 to 10.

Combination puzzle

With this combination puzzle the multiplication tables are practiced in different ways. This puzzle has different table sums, and the intention is to match three puzzle pieces that belong to the same table sum. One puzzle piece is the sum, one puzzle piece is the answer and on one puzzle piece the sum has been made visually. For example, the sum shows 5 x 3, with 5 rows of 3 dots.

combination puzzle

The file with the puzzles can be downloaded below. You can cut out and laminate the puzzle pieces. Then the puzzle pieces also remain beautiful. Remember to cut all the puzzle pieces before you laminate. If you do this later, the laminating sleeves will come loose.

When cutting out the laminated puzzle pieces, you should always leave an edge to prevent them from coming loose. With this puzzle I have therefore cut very broadly. The children can then more easily put the puzzle pieces on top of each other and make the puzzle pieces fit together properly.

The file:

Combination puzzle tables 1 to 10
Combination puzzle tables 1 to 10

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