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Flowerpot alfabet.

It’s spring and what could be better than working with flowers. Children see the snowdrops and crocuses appear again, and you can get started with these nice flowers in the classroom.

The flowerpot alphabet can be used in different ways. The flower pots are always the same, but the flowers can be used in three ways. In this way the children are always working with letters, words and pictures in a different way.

The intention is that the children put the flowers in the correct flower pot.

Flowerpot alphabet.

Flowerpot alfabetThe flower pots contain all the letters of the alphabet. Of course you don’t have to use all of these, you are free to do so. Two flowers belong to each flowerpot. You can offer it separately to practice one aspect, but also together, you are also completely free to do this.

Combine lowercase letters with the writing letters.

In addition to the block letters that the children learn while learning to read, some schools also offer written letters at the same time, at other schools this happens as soon as the children have learned all the letters. With the combination of small letter and writing letter, the children playfully practice which letters belong together.

Combine lowercase letters with uppercase letters.

Flowerpot alfabetA little later, the children will also learn the capital letters. Then you can replace the flowers with the lower case letters for the flowers with the capital letters. Children can then practice capital letters.

You can print the downloads at the bottom of this article. If you’re going to laminate, it’s best to cut everything out first and then laminate. However, you must first fold the flower pots in half before laminating.

We explain how the children can put the flowers in the flower pot in the instructional video below.
This video is for my dutch material on my other website, so not everything that is in the video is in the downloads on this website.



Children really enjoy working with letters in this way. You could even use it with the preschoolers. I would love to hear what you think of the flowerpot alphabet.

The files:

Flowerpot alfabet – flowerpots
Flowerpot alfabet – flowerpots
Flowerpot alfabet – flowers with lowercase letters
Flowerpot alfabet – flowers with lowercase letters
Flowerpot alfabet – flowers with uppercase letters
Flowerpot alfabet – flowers with uppercase letters

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