dinsdag, juni 18, 2024
Math puzzles

Flowerpot add up to 10

With the flowerpot add up to 10 kids practice sums up to and including 10.

There are countless ways to practice sums on the internet.
I also found this flowerpot add up to 10.
A simple addition exercise that our novice math wonders can practice with. This game can be done in two ways, so that it can not only be made individually, but also with several students.

Later, this memory can also be used very well for children who automate it but do not master it. Variety is very important for these children. Practice sums up to ten in as many ways as possible.

What does this exercise consist of?


There are 12 sums and so are twelve answers.
The sums are on cards with a beautiful flower in a pot and the answers on twelve cards with a watering can.
The aim of the game is therefore to find the right flowers in a pot with the right watering can.

More difficult.

In addition, the game can also be played as a memory.
Shuffle all the cards and place them face down on the table.
Each student may turn over two cards, see what the sum is and possibly an answer.
If the sum and the answer match, he or she may pick up these cards.
Whoever has the most cards at the end wins.
Anyway, everyone knows the rules of memory.

The file :

Flowerpot add up to 10
Flowerpot add up to 10

Of course it is wise to laminate the cards before use. But it is not mandatory.

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