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Map reading exercise.

You have to practice reading maps.

With the advent of navigation equipment, it seems almost no longer necessary to be able to read a map.
The app or device tells you where to go, right?
And yet it will often happen that you come across a map to determine the route.
Just think of a zoo or amusement park.
You will often receive a paper map at the entrance of such a park.
But where should you go? Where is the north or the south?
And which way should you go?

A compass directions exercise.

That’s why we came up with this map reading exercise.
Map comprehension and the use of legends are often one of the first things that the students have to master.
Where is the north, east, south and west?
And in between is the northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest?
And the legend shows how a certain building is shown on the map.
Where is that building located? And how do you get there?
If students know these technical skills, it is easier to find and interpret information on a map.

The assignments.

This command consists of two elements.
First, the students must indicate in the compass rose where the cardinal directions are.
And they must also indicate the intermediate values ​​northeast, etc. on this compass rose.

Then there are ten questions about a certain building on the map and another building, and you are asked where this second building is in relation to the first building.
To do this, they have to look on the legend to see which symbol it concerns for a certain building.
Then they have to find the two buildings on the map and puzzle the answer using the compass rose that is on the map and have filled them in.
They are not complicated assignments and students from group 5 who have learned these concepts must therefore be able to manage them.

The answers are included in the PDF file. This would allow the students to check for themselves whether their answers are correct.

The file.

Map reading exercise
Map reading exercise

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