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Math dice game – twin sums

Automating the sums up to 20 is of great importance. Also the twin sums or also called doubles are part of this.

Jump over decking in the pond

Requirements for the game:

  • game board
  • two pawns of colors
  • two different color chips
  • one die.

The game board can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. Decks are depicted on the game board that are in a pond. The twin sums are on the platforms. The answers to these twin sums are on leafs that are also in the pond.


In the game, the children start on Start. The youngest starts and rolls the dice. He/she moves his pawn as many spaces as eyes on the die.
If it lands on a platform with a sum, the outcome is looked up on the leaves in the pond, and a chip is placed on it.
Take turns throwing.
If the child lands on a duck or a frog, it is unlucky and has to skip its turn. If the child lands on a platform and the outcome of the twin sum is already covered by a token, it must also pass the turn.

The game ends when all leafs are covered or after an agreed time. The child with the most tokens on the game board wins.

To keep the game board beautiful, you can of course laminate it again. Pawns and chips can be bought separately.


Math dice game – twin sums
Math dice game – twin sums

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