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Craft assignments

The Disc Calendar.

SchijfkalenderThe Disc Calendar makes a great Father’s or Mother’s Day gift.

Every year I try to craft something fun for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.
Something the children have created themselves and can then proudly give to their parent.
So is this beautiful disc calendar.
For home to hang on the wall, or for the office.
In this way, your students create something functional to which they can give their own signature.
Moreover, this calendar can also be used as a regular craft of course.

!!  The photos show the Dutch version, but in the download the version is in English. !!

How does the disk calendar work?

The calendar basically consists of 4 discs. The largest contains the seasons and months of the year.
Then comes the disc with the individual days and then comes the disc with the days of the week.
These three discs are placed between the suspension.
On top of that, a disc with 6 compartments can be placed.

Weather images can be drawn in here, for example, such as a sun, a cloud, a cloud with rain and a thundercloud.
But of course you can and can also give your students the freedom that they have to come up with something themselves.
And the whole is then held together with a cotter pin.

Coloring can be done with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

I do recommend printing the calendar on somewhat firmer A4 paper than the standard printer paper.


The file:

You can download the file of this free disc calendar as a PDF here.

Disc Calendar.
Disc Calendar.

Show me on social media how your students made this disc calendar. I appreciate that.


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