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Craft assignments

Snowflake. Crafts in the winter.

A paper snowflake.

Since snow is not guaranteed to fall in winter, it is still fun to make a kind of snowflake / ice crystal  out of paper with the children.

What do we need for this creation?

Snowflake6x thick paper or cardboard in different colors of 20 centimeters by 7 or 8 centimeters.

For a beautiful snowflake or ice crystal, blue colors are of course the best, but if you look up free fantasy with your children, other colors are also possible.
If you want to make flakes in the same color scheme, three strips of one color and three other strips of a darker or lighter color are best.

It is useful to cut the strips of paper in advance.

We also need per student:

SnowflakeA pencil.
A ruler.

Some wire or twine to hang the snowflake.

How do we work?

Fold a strip in half lengthwise as shown in the photo.


On the fold, divide the strip into five parts.
We have opted for two times a centimeter, measured from the outside. As shown in the next picture.
But as measurements, the children can of course always deviate slightly.
Make sure the stripes are not too close together, as it can tear more easily when folded.

The outer lines should be about 7 centimeters long, the inner lines about 4 centimeters.
It is important that this should be done approximately the same on all five other paper strips.

Cut the lines with scissors. Do this with all six strips as shown in the photo.

And then folding.

Now comes the trick.
The six strips of paper need to be further folded.
And in a specific way.

Below we show in some pictures how to fold it.
And it is also shown in our youtube video.
It is therefore useful to show this video to your class first for instruction if possible.
The video can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Sticking it.

When all six parts are folded, the children can start sticking.
Have them glue and stick the parts together one by one.
The best thing is if that is done with the colors alternately.

And at the last part, the first part and the last must be added together.

And then the snowflakes / ice crystals are ready.
With a thread on it, it is nice to hang it around the classroom.
That way you still get the snow into your classroom.


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