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Make cute Christmas figures

Christmas figures

In the attached file you will find 4 Christmas figures; a Christmas angel, a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus and a snowman. You can copy these figures on somewhat thicker A4 paper from 100 g/m². This so that you can get them in better shape later and they stay nicer. Of course you can also print them on A3 paper and then have them painted. I have not tried this, but I think it is possible, again on thicker white paper.
You first have these figures colored in before you have them cut out. In the example I did it with markers, but colored pencil is also fine.

Christmas figures

Christmas figures

When the coloring is done, have the figures cut out. Shape the Christmas angel, Santa Claus and snowman into a conical shape and stick them with the adhesive edge. First fold the Christmas tree over the four folding lines (three in the Christmas tree itself and one at the adhesive edge). Then you stick it on, this creates a square Christmas tree.

Christmas figures

If you stick a double ribbon with a knot in it before you close the figures, you can also hang these figures in the Christmas tree!

The file:

01 – Make nice Christmas figures






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