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Pennies issue.

Real money counting with pennies issue.

Pennies issueIn an era when money is largely transferred digitally, it is important that children can count with real money.

I notice in class that children find this very difficult, calculating with money. Tell yourself, do you still have a lot of cash in your wallet. You may not even have a wallet.
I do remember that sometimes I was sent to the store with some money, and then you went to buy something. So you had to pay close attention to how much money you got back.
Nowadays, children hardly do this anymore.

Fortunately, there is the opportunity to practice this at school. First of all: how much money is actually on the table?
This penny issue is fun exercise material to keep the children busy.

Three worksheets.

The teaching material penny issue consists of three worksheets, each with ten exercises.
Starting with small amounts of two or three euros on the first worksheet up to amounts of 80 euros on the third sheet.
In this way they learn how to calculate money with coins and bills up to 100 euros.

The teaching material is set up in such a way that the students themselves can check whether the answers they have written down are correct.
There is an answer sheet with all thirty assignments that you could possibly laminate.

When I put this teaching material in the selection cabinet, the children always like to puzzle with it.

The file:

Pennies issue
Pennies issue

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