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Math puzzles

Math puzzles – ZOO – calculations up to 20.

Math puzzles - ZOOMath puzzles – ZOO are puzzles that you can make with sums.

Children always enjoy making puzzles in the classroom.
That’s great, because that way you can let them practice sums.
Hence these three math puzzles.
Fun jigsaw puzzles that are already fun to make, but are made even more fun by the sums that go with them.


How does it work?

Each puzzle consists of three A4 sheets.
A sheet with calculation surfaces, a sheet with the puzzle pictures with answers to the sums and a sheet with the example of the puzzle when it is finished.
The first puzzle is with plus sums, the second with only minus sums and the last is a combination of plus and minus sums.
These are all sums up to 20.

Math puzzles - ZOO

The student gets the first two A4’s.
He or she cuts out all the puzzle pieces from the second sheet of paper.
Now the puzzle can be made on the first sheet with the sums in the squares and the puzzle pieces with the answers of the sums.
That’s how the picture appears. And they can then check this with the third leaf.

The students will love it if they can stick the puzzle. Because then they can take him home at the end of the day.
This way they can show and tell what they have done at school.

Teh pictures on this page are from the dutch version but in the download everything is translated.

The files :

Math puzzle – Zoo – sum up to 20
Math puzzle – Zoo – sum up to 20

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