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Math puzzles

Math puzzle.

Math puzzleWith a math puzzle – cross puzzle you bring math a little differently.
Good math means practice. Practice, practice and practice some more.
Especially in lower groups it is necessary that the sums up to 10 and the multiplication are well practiced.
Then it is of course important to present it in as many different ways as possible so that your students continue to enjoy it.
That’s why I made this puzzle – cross puzzles in two different versions.

What is a math puzzle – cross puzzle?

It is a kind of crossword puzzle.
Sort of, because instead of words, this puzzle contains sums.
And those start easy at the top and the further you go down the harder it gets.
The trick is to fill in the missing numbers to make all the sums.

Math puzzle

The two versions.

The first version is with plus and minus sums up to 10.
And as I said, first easy at the top and a little more difficult downwards.
The second version is more difficult as it is made with the tables.

There is also an example copy of both versions with the missing numbers filled in.
In this way, students or the teacher can check whether all answers are correct.

The file:

Math puzzle , sums and multiplications
Math puzzle , sums and multiplications

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