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Math games

Math dice game.

With the math dice game, children can get started with automation. Sum with +1 and +2 (add 1 and add 2) and with +5 and +10 sums.

Use the +1 and +2 sums in the beginning because the answer only once exceeds ten. The variant with +3 and +4 sums is already more difficult because the answers are already more than ten.

Use the variant with +5 and +10 sums. There the five and tens to one hundred are practiced.

Math dice game.

The game is the same in all variants. You can play the game with 2 or more players.

Math dice game.

What do you need:

  • The playground
  • A die
  • Chips (a different color for each player)
  • Pawns (again a different color for each player)

The players start on the starting square, the game is played in the direction of the arrow. Decide who gets to start first. This player rolls the dice and advances the number of the die on the playing field. If he arrives at a sum, he calculates it and, if the answer is correct, he may place a chip in his color in the middle of the correct answer.
Then it is the next player’s turn and does exactly the same.
If you land on a square with a figure, you do not have to count, but you can place a chip of your color on any random answer.

If you land on a square with a sum whose answer is no longer visible, you have been unlucky and your turn is over. The game is over when all the answers in the middle are covered (this can mean that you pass several times as well). Because this can take quite a long time, you can also agree a certain time with the children that the game will be played.

The player with the most chips on the answers wins the game.

The file:

Math dice game
Math dice game

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