dinsdag, juni 18, 2024
Dot drawings

Dot drawing – Division sums up to 1000

Dot drawing - Division sumsThis dot drawing – division sums is the latest dot drawing in the list of dot drawings with sums that has appeared on this website.
And this time it’s one with division sums up to 1000.
After many attempts to make a nice dot drawing with division sums, an assignment with division sums up to 1000 was the minimum that was feasible for a decent dot drawing.
Because division sums with a lower number did not yield enough sums to make a large dot drawing.

Two versions

The download contains two different versions. An easy and a difficult variant.
What is the difference? In the easy variant, the dot drawing only shows the numbers that also appear in the sums.
The difficult version also has dots in the dot drawing in addition to the numbers that appear in the sums, with numbers that do not belong to the dot drawing at all.
This way it is much more difficult to find the right dots with the numbers that are the solution in order of the sums.

Dot drawing - Division sums

The file:

Dot drawing – Division sums up to 1000
Dot drawing – Division sums up to 1000
Version: 1.0

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