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ABC-Connect. Edition 1 – Level 1

ABC-Connect is a fun and challenging game for young and old. These are puzzles that can keep you busy for quite a while.
It can be used as additional teaching material, in the selection box or in any other way.
Six connect puzzles that are a nice challenge.

What is the aim of the game?

A connect puzzle consists of a plane with a grid of 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8 or 10×10 points.
At some of these points there is a sphere with a letter, number or image.
In this case of the ABC-Connect it is the letters A to E.
Each letter appears twice on a puzzle, and the aim of the game is to connect both letters.
The line is drawn from, for example, the A to one or more points and an A as the end point
The lines may not cross each other, be drawn diagonally from point to point, or jointly touch the same point.

There is a download file with a clear explanation of how the Connect game works.

ABC-Connect. Edition 1 - Level 1

Editions and levels

This ABC-Connect is the first edition in a series of several editions that will appear on www.vanjufmarjan.nl.
This puzzle has level 1, which means that it is the easiest puzzles of Connect.
There will be a total of five levels of puzzles, with level 5 being the most difficult puzzles.

How to play?

This game can actually be played in two ways.
Of course you have to print the file first, once or several times.
A student can then complete the 6 puzzles in this way, using a pencil. Because if they have done something wrong, they can erase their work and try again.
Another solution is to laminate the puzzle. This way you can use a whiteboard marker. If something is wrong, you can erase it and try again. I prefer this myself, because experience (especially with higher level puzzles) is that you often have to erase.

The files:

ABC Connect – Edition 1 – Level 1
ABC Connect – Edition 1 – Level 1
ABC Connect – Explanation
ABC Connect – Explanation

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