dinsdag, juni 18, 2024

Lego Sudoku

This Lego Sudoku was created in part thanks to a learning assistant at our southern neighbors with whom I recently contacted by email.
She also makes grateful use of all our teaching materials and came up with a number of very useful tips about teaching materials that are not available, or are insufficiently available, on the web.
Including Sudoku’s for students. Alternative Sudokus that is.
Because these puzzles can be downloaded frequently and have to be solved with numbers or letters.

This got us to work and we came up with a real Lego Sudoku that will certainly be popular with novice puzzlers.

The puzzles

We don’t have to explain how to solve a Sudoku. That will probably be known.
But you may have to explain it to students who have never solved a Sudoku puzzle before they start with these puzzles.

What do you need for these puzzles?

Easy. If you have real Lego bricks of the size four x four at school, it is fun to use them in the colors Red, Yellow, Blue and Green to make these puzzles.
Don’t have any Lego bricks available or not enough of the different colors? No worries. We’ve created an extra file with “paper” Lego bricks that you can cut out and laminate so you can use them again and again.

What’s in the file?

This Lego Sudoku 1 contains three A4 sheets with a total of 12 sudokus.
In addition, there are three answer sheets with which your students can check whether they have solved the solution correctly.

And as we mentioned earlier, there is a separate file for the “paper” Lego bricks.

The files:

Lego Sudoku 1 – English
Lego Sudoku 1 – English
Lego Sudoku – Cutout sheet – English
Lego Sudoku – Cutout sheet – English

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