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Lego Sudoku 3

Lego Sudoku 3 is the third sudoku on vanjufmarjan.nl with Lego bricks. And this time they are already more difficult than versions one and two.
While there are many Sudokus on the internet with numbers or letters, there are few Sudokus that involve real shapes.
That’s why we made these sudokus with real Lego bricks. Because we have discovered that our students love solving a Sudoku this way.
An advantage is that they can place the Lego bricks in the boxes where they think the solution should be, but that they can then change the bricks if they are wrong.

Lego Sudoku 3

This version has a grid of 9 x 9 x 9 blocks with a total of nine Lego blocks in different colors.
In edition 1 we still had a 4 x 4 grid and in edition two 6 x 6 by 2.
The versions are becoming increasingly difficult to solve.
This last version is the most difficult, and we cannot make it any more difficult. Larger and more complicated will not fit on an A4 sheet.

Lego Sudoku 3

What’s in the files?

The first file is the Lego Sudoku 3, with a total of two problems. We have also added two answer sheets to the file.
The second file is a cut-out sheet with Lego bricks. If you don’t have real Lego bricks at your disposal, you can use these paper versions.
Cut out, laminate and use endlessly.

The files:

Lego Sudoku 3 – English
Lego Sudoku 3 – English
Lego Sudoku – Cutout sheet – English
Lego Sudoku – Cutout sheet – English

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