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Image box

Choice box – Mosaic floor

The choice box mosaic floor is a real image box assignment with which you let your students make something that was done a lot in the past and is still very fun to make.
The assignment is useful when you are working on history with the Greek and Roman periods. But it can also be used as extra work.

Mosaic floor

What does this assignment say?

The download file contains the following command.

The Romans adopted everything from the Greeks.
Also the way they made tile floors.
We call such a floor a mosaic.

To find out why the Romans found those floors so special, you will make a mosaic yourself.

Requirements: Graph paper, glue, scissors and colored pieces of paper.

Cut out squares, diamonds and triangles from the different colored paper.
Stick this on the graph paper in such a way that it makes a beautiful mosaic”

The file:

Choice box – Mosaic floor.
Choice box – Mosaic floor.

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