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Mosaic dividersNumber box

Mosaic dividers

With these mosaic divisors you can practice the division sums while puzzling.

To master deviding, you can use these mosaic dividers very well, so that it is fun to share.
In fact, children often ask if I have any other mosaics because they just love being able to color them.

Mosaic dividers

Two versions of the mosaic dividers.

I have put two versions of these division exercises online.
A version with partial sums that fall within the tables from 2 to 10 and a version with partial sums with large numbers up to 100 that have to be divided with a number up to a maximum of 9. This can result in answers that can be greater than 10.
An example is 94:2 = 47.

Purpose of these mosaic dividers?

The practice sheet contains grid boxes with colored boxes and a partial sum next to them.
The students can calculate this sum and write the answer next to the sum.
At the bottom right there is a grid area with all numbers in it.
The aim now is to look up the answer to the sum in this grid.
Once they have found this, they can color the example area next to the sum in the answer area.
By calculating and coloring all the partial sums in this way, a beautiful mosaic appears.

For the mosaic dividers 1, there are no duplicate numbers in the grid. So answer 47 only occurs once.
Double answers occur with the mosaic divisors 2 with partial sums that fall within the tables from 2 to 10.
So multiple answers 9 are possible and so on.
These duplicate numbers all have the same coloring box. So students only have to look for an answer box with the correct number and color it.
If they come across such an answer again later, they simply look for the next coloring box with the same number and color it in again.
Anyway, I think you’ll figure it out.

Mosaic dividers

Answer sheet.

Of course, I have also included an answer sheet for both assignments in the PDF file.
Students can then check for themselves whether they have answered all the answers correctly and whether they have colored the mosaic correctly.

Have fun calculating.

The file:

Mosaic dividers
Mosaic dividers

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