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Conquer land

Conquer land – add up to 10 or 12

Conquer land – add up to 10 or 12, a fun way to learn arithmetic.

Calculation is automation. The more often it is done the better it is, and the better it is stored in memory.
Addition starts with the numbers 1 to 5 and later with the numbers 1 to 10.
Practicing is the most important thing, because it lays the foundation for arithmetic for the rest of your life.

And especially for the youngest students, calculating with numbers is very important, but in the beginning also with symbols.

Conquer land

The Conquer land – symbols.

The first PDF file contains conquer land – with symbols and add up to 10 and to 12.
The first two versions are for recognizing the numbers, with the numbers 1 to 5, and a version with the numbers 1 to 10.
The associated spinners can be downloaded in a separate PDF file for this.
Both files contain a brief explanation of how the game works, which you can go through with the students.

Why replace numbers with symbols?

A number is an abstraction. Adults are used to indicating a number with a number symbol, children still have to learn that.
Before they are familiar with numbers, they can also represent or portray numbers in other ways.
When thinking of four, children can think of: the four dots on the die, four dolls or four counters in a row or the number four on the calendar, for example.
If teachers in the lower grades challenge children to come up with representations themselves and thus represent quantities and numbers, children become familiar with different possibilities.
Ultimately, as children learn multiple ways to represent numbers, they will accept number symbols as a shared convention for representing numbers.

Add 1 to 10 and 1 to 12.

Once students can recognize the numbers well and know how to add up to 12, it is fun to practice this in a playful way with the two land conquest games 1 to 10 and 1 to 12.
For the first version you can download a spinner separately, for the second version you can simply use two dice.

Conquer land

The files:

Conquer land – add up to 10 or 12
Conquer land – add up to 10 or 12
Conquer land – add up to 10 or 12 – Spinners
Conquer land – add up to 10 or 12 – Spinners

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