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Clock, time, analog and digital

Tulips time match

Practice the clock from analog to digital with the tulip time match.

The tulip time match. From group three onwards, students start telling the time because learning from and with the clock is something that everyone needs in everyday life.
Practice is a key word. Especially when students understand the analogue clock well and the next step, digital telling of the time, is added.
To practice this independently, the tulip time match is a fun “game” for this.

Tulips time match

How’s the game going?

In the tulip time match, tulips must be combined with the corresponding flower pot.
The tulip has a digital time on it that matches a flower pot on which the analogue time is displayed.
There are a total of 18 tulips with the accompanying flower pot.
So have the students make two piles. 1 stack with the tulips and a stack with the flower pots.
And then they can take a tulip from the first pile and look for the corresponding flower pot in the second pile.
They then place these together in front of them on the table.
Of course you can play this game together with a fellow student.

Tulips time match

When all the flowers are in a flower pot, the student or students have had quite a bit of practice with the switch between analog and digital telling the time.

The file:

Tulips time match
Tulips time match

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