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The central space: The beating heart of our primary school

At the heart of our primary school there is a space that is not only physically central, but also forms the emotional core of our school community: the Middle Space. This space is not just a passage between classrooms; it is a lively meeting place where students come together, connect and experience valuable social interactions.

The center space is more than just a physical space; it is a concept that is at the core of our pedagogical vision. Here we strive for an environment in which students not only gain academic knowledge, but also develop essential social and emotional skills. It is a place where empathy, cooperation and respect are encouraged.


One of the most striking features of the space is the diversity of activities that take place there. Whether it involves solving a challenging jigsaw puzzle, playing a board game or simply relaxing and chatting with fellow students, there is something for everyone. These activities act as a catalyst for social interactions and help forge friendships that extend beyond the classroom.

everyone is welcome

An important aspect of the center space is its inclusiveness. It is a place where all students feel welcome, regardless of their background, interests or skills. Here they learn to deal with diversity and to treat each other respectfully. It contributes to a positive school climate in which everyone feels valued and accepted.

In addition, the central space acts as a bridge between different age groups. Older students can accompany younger students in activities, creating a sense of community and mutual support. This not only promotes social cohesion, but also the personal growth of the students.

In short, the center space is much more than just a stop on the way to class. It is the beating heart of our primary school, where students come together, connect and learn valuable life lessons. It is a space where friendships are forged, differences are embraced and where every child has the opportunity to grow, both academically and socially.

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