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Fractions and decimals

Bingo game – Recognizing fractions

Fractions remain a difficult thing. Once children understand how things work, recognizing fractions is also a matter of automation. Hence recognizing these bingo fractions. A fun and playful way to work on recognizing fractions. I noticed that there was a lot of demand for this after the many positive reactions to the color and fraction worksheets.

Bingo for two players

Recognizing these bingo fractions is again played in the same way as bingo for two players. Both players start with their pawn on the starting square.
They choose who is player 1 and who is player 2. This way they know who has which bingo card.
The children determine who starts by, for example, checking who is the youngest, or by rolling the dice and whoever has rolled the highest number of points starts.
The player whose turn it is rolls the die and moves his pawn as many spaces as spots on the die.
The box and the bingo card indicate whether the correct answer is on the bingo card. Then the turn also passes to the other player.
The first player to fill their bingo card calls Bingo and wins.

Recognizing Bingo Fraction.

Three different bingos can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. The first is the easiest, recognizing the bingo fractions. The players walk on the game board over the pictures of the different fractions.
The correct fraction must be mentioned next to the picture and looked up on his or her bingo card.

The next two bingos are the bingo recognizing fraction – decimals and recognizing the fraction – percents.
With the picture of the fraction, the idea is to look for a decimal number or a percentage respectively on the bingo card.

The files:

Bingo game – Recognize fractions
Bingo game – Recognize fractions
Bingo game – Recognize fractions – Decimal numbers
Bingo game – Recognize fractions – Decimal numbers
Bingo game – Recognize fractions – Percents
Bingo game – Recognize fractions – Percents

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