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Number crunchers

Number crunchers 1

Number crunchers 1 is a new brainteaser on A fun puzzle combination between color combinations and numbers.
This allows you to get your students to think completely out of the box and challenge them considerably.

What is the intention?

There are two worksheets in this download. An assignment sheet and a cut-out sheet. The cut-out sheet contains nine color areas in different combinations.
You can have your students cut these out themselves, or you can cut them out yourself and laminate them so they can be used again.

Number crunchers 1

The other worksheet shows five color areas and nine combination areas with numbers in them. These numbers overlap with the color areas shown at the top.
Now the trick is for your students to know how to place the nine cut-out color areas on the worksheet so that they match each other.
Once they have done this, they can use the answer sheet to see whether they have completed this assignment correctly.

Number crunchers 1

This number cruncher 1 will again be a series of several number crunchers as it can also be made in multiple levels of difficulty. So keep a close eye on our website for new versions.

The file:

Number crunchers 1
Number crunchers 1

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